Local Lodging Options

Booking Local Lodging for Hosted Guests

There are many local lodging options for hosted guests of UC Berkeley.  When deciding on a location for your guests to stay, keep the following in mind:

  • Book on-campus rooms when possible.   UC's Faculty Club and Women's Faculty Club are located in the heart of campus, which reduces travel time for your guests.  Rooms at both are also quite affordable.  Special rates are available for departments with an active club membership.
  • Book with preferred off-campus accommodations when possible.  These hotels are located close to campus and are very familiar with booking rooms for UC guests; all feature direct billing arrangements and a special rate for guests of UC.
  • Ask for a special UCB rate for rooms.   Most local hotels offer a 'UC Berkeley rate' for our hosted guests; this is often only available on request, so make sure you ask for it when booking rooms for a guest.
  • Clearly outline what you will be paying for.  Many hotels offer a wide range of amenities and - to avoid confusion and/or charges being applied that fall outside of policy - it's best to limit our authorization to specific items only.  For example, if you'd like to cover room & taxes only and exclude items such as parking or food, make sure you tell the hotel this in advance.
  • Pay directly for rooms when possible using an Event Planner Card.  UC's Event Planner Card is the preferred method for paying for local room nights for hosted guests; a credit-card guarantee is the most reliable method of ensuring that your guest has a room upon arrival and isn't erroneously asked to pay upon departure.  For more information on the Event Planner Card, see the Card Program website.
  • Ask for Direct Billing.  If you do not have access to an Event Planner Card, ask if your hotel will bill UCB directly and allow you to pay via invoice (via the Payment Request Form in BearBuy) once the stay is complete.

If you have questions about booking local hotel rooms for your guests, please email us at travel@berkeley.edu.