What is the maximum I can spend for meals and lodging?

As good stewards of the university’s limited resources, travelers usually are looking to spend the least amount possible. However, circumstances may arise when the traveler is concerned about exceeding a maximum – crossing a line between reasonable and extravagant. The travel policy establishes daily expense maximums for specific destinations based on the US Department of State’s per diem rates when traveling internationally or offshore U.S. Further limitations may be applied by funding sources or departmental budgets. Exceptions may be considered with justification, but should not be presumed. Different limits apply to trips lasting more than 30 days.


Maximum Meals & Incidentals

Maximum Lodging

Continental US – 25 hours to 30 days

$62 per day

$275 per day (excluding taxes and fees)

International and off-shore US

State Dept rate

Up to 300% of State Dept rate