Frequently Asked Questions - Travel Reimbursement Request

Where can I get help about chartstrings?

A chartstring indicates the source of funds that will be paying for the trip expenses Chartstring information is entered on the Totals tab in the reimbursement system The instructional video on how to submit an expense report explains how to enter a chartstring (fast-forward to about the 5:40 mark) If you don’t know the chartstring for your trip, contact the finance/budget office for your school or department

Tell me more about receipts

Once receipts have been uploaded, you can confirm their availability by clicking on the “View Receipts/Documents” link The “Date Paper Work In” field only updates periodically throughout the day, but update is not immediate Only the Accounts Payable/Travel office can delete attachments. Send an email to with the TRV report number and the receipts that need to be removed

Entertainment Reimbursement

Campus Shared Services is available to support the processing of Entertainment reimbursements.

Use of the Entertainment menu in the reimbursement system for Direct Entry of Entertainment-related expenses is an available option. Check with your DFL to determine if your respective department should be using Entertainment for Direct Entry. Please note a redesign of the Entertainment system is under construction...

Electronic versus paper-based signatures

Employee-Traveler – Direct Entry

By submitting the report online, the traveler will certify that the expenses are business-related, accurate and complete. Their CalNet authentication to log in to the system is their electronic signature. A wet signature is not needed.

Employee-Traveler – Report Prepared by Someone Else

After entering all of the expenses and uploading the receipts to the system, the report preparer can use the link on the Confirm and Submit page to send an email to employee-traveler to announce that the report is ready...

Meal Expenses: Tell me more about Actual vs Per Diem?

UC Policy allows for the use of per diems when traveling to international or off shore US (Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, the Northern Mariana Islands, and possessions of the United States) destinations. Per diems are also permitted for domestic travel of 30 or more consecutive days. However, each department head has the authority to be more restrictive. Please check with your DFL to confirm that per diems are allowed within your respective school or department.

How do I access the system?

All employees can log into the system to enter an expense report for themselves Employees needing to enter expense reports for other employees, students or visitors will need the Travel Preparer role, which can be requested through SARA ( Link to the system (

Is a credit card statement an acceptable receipt?

A valid receipt will show specifics about the purchase – what was purchased, when, where, the amount, and proof of payment. Generally, the person making the purchase possesses the receipt, which substantiates who should be reimbursed. For airfare, hotel and car rental, a detailed receipt is required, (duplicate receipts can usually be obtained from the merchant) though a credit card statement may be requested as evidence of who paid for the expense. A receipt is also needed for conference registration fees and when any single expense is more than $75. If a detailed receipt is not...

When do I need a receipt?

Receipts are required for registration fees, airfare, lodging, and car rental expenses regardless of the amount. Approvers will review the receipts to ensure that it was actually the traveler who paid for the expense and that non-business related charges (i.e., hotel spa services, child car seat rental, etc.) are not included. Receipts are also required for any expense of $75 or more. Auditors expect to see receipts to support the payment of a business expense; if a payment is not proven to be business related, it may be disallowed and, as a result, taxable. It is always in the...