Directive on Limiting Non-Essential Travel to China

February 3, 2020

We have been informed that last evening UC President Janet Napolitano sent an internal memo that following both CDC and State Department guidance, directing the UC community to temporarily avoid all non-essential travel to China while it is designated with a Warning Level 3 Travel Notice.

For any campuses that would like traveler reports, the most detailed will come from campus Risk Services and the information will include all international registered travelers, which our data depository will not have access to in consideration of travelers and students who book outside the systemwide travel program.

The Central Travel Office has reached out to UC preferred travel agencies asking that if travelers contact the agency with any questions regarding trip insurance coverage or requesting a traveler detail report, to direct callers to their respective campus Risk Manager's.

Additionally, the following agencies have responded with the following procedures in place for any flight changes and cancellations.

BCD Travel
BCD is closely working with the airlines and are receiving communications regarding flight changes and cancellations. The standard practice for BCD is to check with each airline to get the correct waivers for the travelers and know what waivers are in place. UC travelers may call a full service agent for further assistance regarding specific airline requests at 877-885-8632.

The BCD Travel Supplier Relations Team is not aware of airlines that are rerouting travelers that may be connecting at impacted airports in China/Asia. For example, a traveler currently in Tokyo due to fly back to SFO next week with a connection in Hong Kong, the airline is not changing the route. However, if the traveler’s flight from HKG to the US was canceled, the airline would try to automatically reroute the traveler on other flights.

UC Travel Center 

Please be advised that UC Travel Center has reached out to all UCB travelers who are ticketed to travel to and from China or connecting in China as early as last week.

For travelers that the UC Travel Center ticketed to Hong Kong and Macau, they have reached out to these travelers via email with the following message:

Currently the Federal government's Coronavirus Proclamation excludes the Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macau but we understand the situation is fluid and there are some reports of airlines limiting flights to and from Hong Kong. We show you have ticketed reservations for future travel to and from Hong Kong and/or Macau or connecting in Hong Kong/and or Macau.  Should you decide to cancel or reroute your trip, please contact UC Travel Center at 310 206 2639 or email us at