Getting the Best Value from the Available Tools

November 4, 2015

We heard you.

You want an easily accessible way to book trips and save money when you travel.

Check out the new Connexxus video and find out how to book trips and save money when you use Connexxus (UC's online travel portal). This video demonstrates how travel reservation costs in Connexxus compare with the popular booking site, Expedia, and it gives you a brief look at how to book a trip. Investing just eight minutes to watch this video may end up saving your department hundreds of dollars. Watch the video and learn how to save money on your business travel.

You want to be able to easily navigate the Direct Bill process.

In addition to our Direct Bill ID instructions on the travel website, you can now watch a DBID instructional video. This video walks you through how to charge your airfare to the university using the DBID system. Using Direct Bill to purchase airline tickets eliminates the need for travelers to pay out of pocket for airfare. Watch a demo on setting up a Direct Bill ID.

You want to be able to easily use your TSA PreCheck enrollment.

More than 900 of you participated in the TSA PreCheck Events. Your next step is to use the Known Traveler Number (KTN) you will receive once you've been enrolled in TSA PreCheck. This is the number that you will submit when making flight reservations so that the PreCheck screening option will appear on your boarding pass. You can save your Known Traveler Number to your Connexxus profile for quick access when making future reservations. Learn how to save your KTN to Connexxus on the travel website.

You have feedback on creating a quicker and simpler reimbursement system.

The T&E Team is dedicated to making your reimbursement experience better. We know this is a priority for you and we're getting great suggestions. Thank you to those who have already shared feedback in the satisfaction survey that's included in your payment notification email. This is a quick and easy way for travelers to let us know what's important to you, so please keep the responses coming. If you haven't received a reimbursement recently but would still like to share your suggestions, you can complete a survey online.

Thank you,
The T&E Team