Meal and Lodging Policy Updates, Travel Tips and Resources

September 20, 2017
Meal and lodging policy updates
The UC Office of the President recently announced new policy changes, which include the two travel-related policies listed below. These changes will take effect Saturday, October 15th. As you plan travel beyond October 15th, please keep these new limits in mind.  
  1. Daily meal and incidental (M&IE) limits for domestic trips under 30 days will be reduced from $74 to $62, without exception.
  2. Daily lodging limits for domestic trips under 30 days will be set at a $275 room rate, excluding taxes and fees. When the traveler is unable to secure lodging at $275 per night or less, the traveler must submit acceptable justification that supports the higher lodging rate.
Travel Tips and Resources
  • Basic Economy airfare is filtered out when searching flights in Connexxus: Please note that the Basic Economy airfares available on United, American, and Delta are highly restrictive, and do not generate significant savings. Because of that, these fares are filtered out of the flight search options in Connexxus.
  • Need help getting a visa or passport? Peninsula Visa may be able to assist you with your visa and passport needs. Use your email address to qualify for UC contracted pricing. For U.S. passport services closer to home, the Berkeley Recreational Sports Facility is an authorized acceptance center. Visit the travel website for more information.
  • Central Travel Office on-site presentations: Learn more about Connexxus and enter a drawing to win two United Airlines tickets for travel anywhere in the U.S. On Tuesday, October 24, the Central Travel Office will hold on-campus presentations about the Connexxus program. Space is limited and pre-registration is required.
  • Sign up for an upcoming Connexxus webinar: As a resource to UC Travelers, the Central Travel Office offers webinars on the benefits of booking within the Connexxus program. Visit the Central Travel Program website for a complete list of webinar topics and schedules.
  • New and improved Connexxus Interface: The Connexxus portal has updated its booking interface. Now when travelers and arrangers log in, they will see a freshly designed Connexxus travel portal with:
  • Improved FAQ section and search features.
  • New Travel Apps sections with handy downloadable mobile apps to make travel as easy as possible.
  • Updated Hotel Directory now includes hotels offering discounts near UC campuses.
  • Improved expandable Newsletter section for users who wish to read even more about the travel program and our suppliers - found in the Help Center. Sign up for the newsletter by emailing

Example of the new Connexxus interface
The T&E Team