Reimbursement for travel impacted as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19)

This information is specific to travel impacted as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19). As the situation remains very fluid, please check back here regularly for updates. For regular reimbursement information, please visit the reimbursement section of the travel website.

Before booking any business travel, please first be sure to review the current campus travel restrictions.

If your business travel has been canceled as a result of the coronavirus, the first step, regardless of how the travel was purchased, is to request reimbursement directly from the airline or vendor you booked your airfare, hotel, or conference registration with.

If they will not provide a refund, please be sure to keep documentation of the travel provider’s refusal because that may be necessary when seeking reimbursement. Depending on how you booked your travel, there are several reimbursement options available.

Please contact the Travel and Entertainment team with questions at

Emergency Assistance

  • For business travelers who are currently traveling and are in need of emergency assistance, please consult the emergency assistance page of the UC Berkeley Travel site.

COVID-19 and Travel Cancellations/Waivers Recorded Webinar

  • Listen in on a recorded webinar from April 21st, provided by UC Berkeley Travel in partnership with the Central Travel Office at UCOP and risk managers from both UC Berkeley and UCOP, that covers a wide range of issues associated with travel impacted by COVID-19, including an extended question and answer session.