Traveler Responsibilities

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The university traveler is responsible for:


  • When travel status begins and ends, including times when a trip mixes business and personal activities
  • UC travel and entertainment spending policies, at least as they relate to the circumstances
  • If there are any funding source or departmental restrictions on paying for the activity
  • Every travel expense has an approver and if the approver disallows an expense, it will not be paid/reimbursed


  • Observe normally accepted standards of propriety in the type and manner of expense incurred
  • Purchase travel services through Connexxus whenever reasonable
  • Register for UC travel insurance program when needed
  • Report expenses and claim reimbursement in an ethical and responsible manner
  • Submit expense reports timely and respond promptly to requests for details and documentation
  • Return any unused university resources (i.e., unused prepaid airline tickets, excess travel advance funds)
  • Never use university resources to pay for personal expenses
  • If applicable, only use their US Bank Corporate Travel Card for business activities and make payment on the account balance by the due date.
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