BCD Travel Arranger Authorization Process

This process is used by a profiled arranger to provide authorization to a BCD Travel full service agent so they can accept a reservation request directly from a guest or non-Connexxus user using a Direct Bill ID to pay for airline tickets. This provides the guest with the flexibility to make their own flight arrangements instead of having a campus staff member make the arrangements on their behalf.

Arranger Actions

1. The arranger sends an email authorization to BCD4UC@bcdtravel.com

  • The subject line should be: UC Arranger Authorization for Guest Last Name /First Name.
  • The body of the email should include the traveler’s name, approximate travel dates, and Direct Bill ID.
  • If someone other than the traveler will be calling BCD Travel to book the reservation, that person’s name should be included in the email message.
  • Note if a fare threshold is necessary or other special instructions.

2. The arranger provides the UC guest with their Direct Bill ID and the contact information for the full service agents: 1-877-885-8632 option 3 or email to BCD4UC@bcdtravel.com. The guest should be made aware that they must comply with UC’s policy on paying for airfare. The booking is only initiated once the guest contacts BCD Travel.

3. When the guest traveler contacts BCD Travel, they will provide the authorizing arranger's name and the Direct Bill ID that is used for caller verification.

4. The arranger’s email is authorization to the BCD Travel Agent to issue the ticket as requested by the guest and in accordance with the restrictions and instructions in the email authorization. If additional authorization is required prior to BCD Travel issuing the ticket, please call or email a full service agent and arrange the booking on behalf of your guest rather than using this process.