Org Node and Chartstring

Org Node

  • The org node is a UC Berkeley campus organizational unit with which an employee is associated
  • It is identified as a 5 to 6 character code that references the unit’s place on the campus’s organizational tree hierarchy
  • It is often used for assigning systems permissions and for routing transactions

Finding Your Org Node

  • Search for your name in the UC Berkeley campus directory
    • Your org node is displayed in the capital letters in front of your home department
  • If you don’t have a home department, try searching the Organization Tree Reports for the department that is sponsoring your travel activity


A combination of data segments that provides necessary information for financial management and budgeting. In the context of travel, the chartstring indicates where the expenses should be charged.

If you don’t know the chartstring to use when requesting a Direct Bill ID or a travel reimbursement, please contact your manager, department budget officer, or research administrator.

A complete chartstring includes:

Business Unit

  • The Business Unit or BU will either be 10000 for the Berkeley campus or J0000 for UCOP activity administered on the Berkeley campus financial records and general ledger

Account Code

  • In the context of travel, this field describes the nature of the expenses


  • The source or type of money

Dept ID (Department ID)

  • The cost center where the expenses will be charged


  • Used to report the broad category of functional activity that incurred the expense

Chartfield 1

  • Department defined field for reporting
  • For contract and grant funds, chartfield 1 is used to track a task, deliverable, or fabrication

Chartfield 2

  • Department defined field for reporting
  • For contract and grant funds, chartfield 2 must be used to identify the principal investigator or faculty lead for the budget

For Contract and Grant funds, there are three additional segments:

PC BU (Project Costing Business Unit)

  • If the general ledger business unit is 10000, the PC BU is GM100
  • For J0000, the PC BU is GMJ00


  • A defined body of work


  • The funding period(s) mandated by the sponsor

Please refer to the Chartstring page for more information.

Travel Account Codes


Account CodeDescription
57210 Domestic Travel
57211 In-State Air Fare
57212 Out-of-State Air Fare
57213 In-State Non Air Fare
57214 Out-of-State Non Air Fare
57215 Domestic Travel Fees
57216 Out-of-State Travel Exception


Account CodeDescription
57220 International Travel
57221 International Air Fare
57222 International Non Air Fare
57223 International Travel Fees


Account CodeDescription
57233 Travel Entertainment-Related Charges
57003 Travel, Conference Fees
56520 University Garage Charges
57232 Removal and Moving Expense Reimbursement
56510 Freight
56714 Participant Support - Travel Non Air
56715 Participant Support - Travel Airfare