Visiting Campus

University-hosted Guests Traveling to Campus

Departments can make travel arrangements for a guest traveling to Berkeley on campus-related business by using the ConnexUC resources and, if desired, pay for the airfare using Direct Bill.

For airport security, you will need to know the traveler’s legal name matching a government issued photo ID, date of birth, and gender. Please obtain the traveler’s cell phone number for airline and/or travel agency updates. It may be helpful to coordinate with the traveler regarding airports, dates, times, layovers, etc.

The same UC travel policy permissions and restrictions that apply to university employees also apply to visitors.

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Foreign Visitor Visa Considerations

The type of visa that a foreign individual uses when entering the United States impacts eligibility for reimbursement of travel expenses. There is no room for exceptions. For example, foreign travelers on a B-2 or WT visa are considered tourists and must:

  • State that the purpose of the visit is for "usual academic activity"
  • Be visiting campus for academic activity for no more than nine days
  • Receive an offer of payment by UC Berkeley
  • Not have accepted reimbursement for travel expenses from more than five academic institutions within the previous six months
  • Submit a Certification of Academic Activity form
  • Provide a copy of the visa and their passport with legal entry stamp or I-94 nonimmigrant entry card, regardless of whether the expenses were paid by the university or the visitor

Depending on the circumstances, a different visa type may be more appropriate. However, once the visa type is assigned, it cannot be changed.

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Travel Reimbursements for Foreign Visitors

For more information on reimbursing foreign visitors for travel expenses, please visit the Travel Reimbursements for Foreign Visitors page.

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