Have Another Employee Book Your Trip

Travel Arranger

Scenario 1: You need to make reservations and there’s an executive assistant or someone in your department whose job duties include coordinating travel arrangements.

Scenario 2: You and a campus co-worker are traveling to the same meeting and would like to coordinate flights and car rental and the co-worker takes on the task of making the reservations.

In either case, the person making the reservations (referred to as the ‘arranger’) will need to be an eligible ConnexUC user.

Setting up an arranger is easy, but how you do it depends on which ConnexUC travel agency you plan to use. You can designate the arranger to be on one or both agency profiles. Simply follow the instructions below.

Once you authorize an arranger, their information is saved in your travel profile until you delete it. Note that the arranger will be able to see and, if you wish, to edit your personal information.

You can save additional information in your profile if you wish, such as airport preferences, emergency contacts, passport numbers, etc.

Note: Neither CSS nor the Central Accounts Payable Office can make travel reservations.