Register for a Conference

bluCard TrackingIf you are attending a conference, use a campus-issued bluCard to pre-pay registration fees. If your department doesn’t have a bluCard holder, follow these instructions to request payment through Campus Shared Services (CSS).

  1. To get started, log in to BearBuy, select 'Forms', followed by 'Non-Catalog Item.'
  2. In the “Supplier” field enter ‘bluCard Tracking,’ provide additional details about the needed conference payment, and select ‘Go’ (upper right).
  3. On the next screen, complete the org node and successfully submit the cart to Campus Shared Services.

Another option is to use a personal credit card or Corporate Travel Card to pay the registration fee. To get reimbursed, keep your paid receipt and submit it when you fill out your travel reimbursement report after the conference.

Don’t forget to check with your department about any additional requirements they may have for traveling to a conference.