Systems Access Requirements

Faculty and Staff Eligibility

All UC Berkeley employees should have automatic access to book travel in ConnexUC and Direct Bill.

To get started, the employee will need to log in to each system and update their profile. To have automatic access, the employee must be listed as a UC Berkeley employee (paid through UC Path). Non-employees can have travel booked for them as guest travelers.

When an employee traveler uses ConnexUC for the first time, they will be prompted to update their profile. Employee travelers should review their profile information prior to booking reservations. It is important to ensure their full name matches their travel documents (passport for international travel and/or driver's license for domestic flights) so as to avoid security issues with TSA. Additionally, please be sure to confirm that there is a primary phone number listed under the Business tab of the profile. If that field is left empty, the employee traveler will not be able to complete a booking in the booking tool. If a primary phone number is not entered, the tool will advise the user (after they select flights) that the booking cannot be completed until the profile is completed.

To confirm whether or not someone else has access, navigate to the ConnexUC 'My Profile' page and search for an employee as a Travel Arranger. If you can find them within ConnexUC, they already have full access to all the travel tools.

Student and Retiree Eligibility

We currently have a non-employee site that is being piloted by UC Berkeley students, but is also available to retirees. It does not allow for the use of direct bill, and will not automatically enroll the traveler in the insurance program, but does provide access to all UC negotiated discounts and other benefits.