ConnexUC provides the following options for making travel arrangements:

  • Book online through a travel agency or Southwest SWABIZ
  • Work directly with a travel agent over the telephone
    • Please refer to the Contact page for travel services' phone numbers
  • Use ConnexUC for your personal travel and take advantage of exclusive UC negotiated pricing and many additional benefits with our travel partners
    • Please note: the UC Travel Insurance does not apply to personal travel and personal travel cannot be paid for using Direct Bill

Direct Bill (Charging Airfare to the University)

Business Travel

For business travel, you can charge the airfare directly to the university by setting up a Direct Bill ID (DBID). Currently, the cost of your plane ticket is the only travel expense you can charge directly to the university.

Mixing Business Travel with Personal Travel

Arriving Earlier and/or Staying Longer

If the personal time simply involves arriving earlier and/or staying longer at the destination at which the business travel occurred, then you can still use Direct Bill to pay for the flight.

Additional Locations

If the travel includes flights to additional locations that are strictly for personal purposes, then the airline ticket cannot be purchased using Direct Bill and you must pay out of pocket and seek reimbursement for only the flights to and from business locations after the completion of travel.

Setting up a Direct Bill ID (DBID)

  • When you create a Direct Bill ID (DBID), you will need to provide a valid chartstring for the following:
    • Expense
    • Traveler’s name
    • Travel destination
    • Anticipated travel dates
  • If your department or funding source requires pre-approval, please obtain that authorization prior to creating a DBID
  • To use the DBID, you must purchase airfare through one of the university’s two contracted ConnexUC travel agencies:
    • UC Travel Center
    • BCD Travel
  • You can only use a DBID once
    • You will need to create a new DBID for each airfare purchase

Systems Access Requirements

The ConnexUC and Direct Bill systems are restricted to faculty and staff of UC Berkeley. For more information, please refer to Systems Access Requirements.

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