Basic Economy (Highly Restrictive Airfare)


United, American, and Delta airlines have introduced versions of a no-frills, highly restrictive airfare called Basic Economy. These fares are meant to compete directly with discount airlines such as Spirit Air and Allegiant, but come with some serious restrictions that may not be appropriate for everyone. The average savings on Basic Economy fares are usually just under $20 and, since these fares are now available in all domestic U.S. markets, travelers should carefully consider whether the cost savings are worth traveling under the restrictions before booking a Basic Economy ticket.

Basic Economy Restrictions

Some Basic Economy restrictions include:

  • No option to select a seat, even for a fee
    • Seats will be assigned at check-in
  • No boarding priority, regardless of airline status or UC perks
    • Basic Economy travelers board last
  • No carry-on bags allowed and a possible fee if the bag is too big to fit under the seat
  • No flexibility to change or cancel the flight

In order to provide the best overall service to UC’s travelers, ConnexUC agencies have blocked the sale of United-N Class, American-B Class, and Delta-E Class from the online booking tools.

If you wish to purchase a Basic Economy ticket, please contact the travel agency by telephone and a full-service agent will assist you.