Traveler, Preparer, and Approver Responsibilities


What the Traveler Should Know

  • UC travel and entertainment spending policies, at least as they relate to the circumstances of their own travel
  • If there are any funding source or departmental restrictions on paying for the activity
  • Every travel expense has an approver separate from the traveler, and if the approver disallows an expense, it will not be paid or reimbursed

What the Traveler Should Do

  • Observe normally accepted standards of propriety in the type and manner of expense incurred
  • Purchase travel services through ConnexUC whenever reasonable
  • Register travel in UC Away if travel is booked outside of ConnexUC
  • Report expenses and claim reimbursement in an ethical and responsible manner
  • Submit expense reports timely, and respond promptly to requests for details and documentation
  • Return any unused university resources, such as unused prepaid airline tickets, excess travel advance funds, etc.
  • Never use university resources to pay for personal expenses


What the Preparer Should Know

  • UC travel and entertainment spending policies

What the Preparer Should Do

  • Coordinate with the traveler to ensure all expenses are reported and all documentation is provided
  • Enter trip information into the Reimbursement System on behalf of the traveler


What the Approver Should Know

  • UC travel and entertainment spending policies and funding restrictions

What the Approver Should Do

  • Review expenses for reasonableness, appropriateness, accuracy, and policy compliance
  • Approve or deny requests in the system
    • May message other approvers within the system to get their documented approval on funding source or exceptional items