Travel Registration and Insurance


Faculty, staff, and students traveling on university business are eligible for UC travel insurance through ACE American Insurance, a Chubb company. Premium costs for travel insurance coverage is paid by the university. There is no cost to the traveler.

Benefits for travel within the US are limited. Travelers should use health insurance for medical care if you are sick or injured while traveling domestically. Outside the US, the travel insurance can serve as the primary coverage for medically-necessary treatment of illnesses and injuries. Other travel insurance benefits for international travel include security evacuation, trip cancellation/interruption/delay benefits, emergency family reunion, and personal property loss.

Please refer to the UCOP Travel Risk and Insurance web page for more information.

Travel insurance coverage is extended to traveling companions of eligible UC employees and students who are traveling on the same itinerary. Travel registration for traveling companions is not required.

Registering for Travel Insurance

Travel within the state of California does not need to be registered.

Travelers are registered automatically when travel is booked through the ConnexUC agencies, BCD Travel, UC Travel Center, or Short’s Travel. If you booked through any other means, including ConnexUC Southwest SWABIZ, or directly with an airline, you must register your travel in the UC Away system before you leave for your trip. Trip registration enrolls you to receive health and safety alerts by email for your travel destination. This also helps Berkeley Risk Management contact you if there is a security event in your destination.

After Registering for Travel Insurance

Travelers will get an email from Crisis24 with a link to the contact card of the emergency assistance provider, Chubb-AXA Global Travel Assistance. They can provide referrals or appointment assistance if you need medical care while abroad, advice if you lose your passport, or guidance if you are involved in a safety and/or security incident. You can also download the free mobile phone app ‘Worldcue Mobile’ from Google Play or the iOS Store to access global security intelligence while traveling. The app also features a quick-connect ‘Hotline’ button to reach Chubb-AXA Global Travel Assistance.

Please refer to the UCOP Travel Risk and Insurance web page for additional information about travel insurance benefits, the mobile app, claim submission guidance, and travel insurance Frequently Asked Questions.

Personal Travel Insurance

UC-affiliates, including employees, students, alumni, and retirees, can purchase personal travel insurance through the UC Personal Travel Program, also known as UC Global Travelers Insurance Program. This program offers three travel plan options designed to integrate travel insurance benefits with valuable travel assistance services to help provide the extra protection you need while traveling internationally.

Please refer to the UC Personal Travel Program web page for more information about the options and how to enroll.