Get and Pay With a Corporate Travel Card

The US Bank Visa Charge Card

The university sponsored US Bank Corporate Travel Card provides UC Berkeley employees with a charge card designed to meet the needs of business travelers. Benefits include:

  • Worldwide acceptance
  • Cash advance availability through ATMs
  • Online account access
  • 24-hour traveler support at 800-344-5696

Applying for and using a Corporate Travel Card is entirely optional. To make the most of the card program, cardholders need to know:

  • The charge card is intended only for business-related purchases while on official university travel. The card must never be used to pay for any personal purchases.
  • The charge card may be used to make purchases for business travel services such as airfare, car rental or hotel reservations. The card may also be used to pay for conference registration. While on travel status, transactions for meals and for business related expenses (i.e., copy services, internet access) and business related entertainment (i.e., taking a donor to dinner) are acceptable.
  • Expenses charged to the card must be claimed on a Travel Reimbursement Request form. The reimbursement will be issued to the traveler.
  • Payment to US Bank is the responsibility of the cardholder and is due within 30 days of the billing cycle cut-off, whether or not the trip is completed or the cardholder has received reimbursement.
  • There is no application fee or annual account fee.
  • The cardholder is responsible for any late fees (2.5%) or other penalties assessed on a past due account.
  • Late payment may affect the cardholder’s personal credit rating
  • Late payments reflect negatively on the overall campus program. To address delinquent accounts, the cardholder’s supervisor or departmental business officer may be notified.
  • If a purchase is made in a foreign currency, a 2.0% conversion fee will be assessed. This currency exchange fee is reimbursable.
  • Expenses charged to the charge card should be only for the cardholder. Expenses for group travel or traveling companions should not be paid with this card. A different card type is available for travel of study groups.

How to: Apply for a US Bank Corporate Travel Card

1. Complete an application

a. Download the UC Berkeley US Bank Visa Charge Card application (PDF)
b. Complete the application. The billing address should be your home address unless a departmental assistant will be responsible for reconciling the charges.

c. Review the terms and conditions listed on the form. Sign and date the form to indicate your agreement. 

d. Obtain the required authorizing signature from your manager or department head.

2. Return the application to the Accounts Payable Office

a. Mail the application to: Accounts Payable; 2195 Hearst St., Room 101B MC 1100; Berkeley, CA 94720-1100
b. Fax to 510-642-8346

The traveler will receive the card in approximately 15 business days from the date the application is received in the UC Berkeley Accounts Payable Office. The personal identification number (PIN) for ATM transactions will be received within 10 working days after the card.

3. Register Your New US Bank Corporate Card

The US Bank Access Online self-registration system allows you to create your own User ID and Password. Self-registration has been designed to be intuitive; however, to ensure a positive experience, here are a few helpful hints:

  1. Go to the Access Online web site and click the Register Online link.
  2. When asked to enter your company short name, enter  UOFCA
  3. ZIP/Postal Code must exactly match the 5 digit ZIP code that is on your billing statement – or you will receive an error message.
  4. If Foreign ZIP code, place 00002 in ZIP code area.
  5. Phone and Fax number format: No dashes, hyphens, parenthesis or spaces (i.e. 6121234567).
  6. User ID's must be 7 to 12 characters in length and can be alpha and/or numeric. User ID's must also be unique; try to think of a distinctive ID (i.e. if your name is John F Smith try the User ID jofsmith3).
  7. Passwords must be 8 to 20 characters in length, with at least one alpha and one numeric character.
  8. User Verification is used to authenticate your account if you forget your User ID or Password.
  9. When establishing your profile, you must click Additional Account to enter more than one card.
  10. Do NOT click CONTINUE until you are finished entering all cards you wish to register!
  11. When entering information in self-registration, if any of the entered information is not valid, the system returns an error message. You have three attempts to correct the information. If all three attempts fail, the account with incorrect information will be locked out from self-registration. You will need to contact US Bank Technical Support at 877-887-9260 to unlock your account.

Pay Your US Bank Corporate Travel Card Account

It is important that your card account is paid by the due date. Payments may be made through the Access Online web site. If paying by check, mail to:

US Bank Corporate Travel Card Program
P.O. Box 790428
St. Louis, MO  63179-0428

For assistance with your account, contact US Bank Customer Service at 800-344-5696. Find out more about the US Bank Corporate Travel Card program.

Cancel a US Bank Corporate Travel Card

Send your request to cancel via e-mail to and indicate:

  • Employee name
  • Date of cancellation (if applicable)

The US Bank Corporate Travel Card should be cancelled immediately if an employee separates from employment with the university. The employee should be reminded to pay their account balance in full.