February 13, 2019

December 3, 2018

UC and Airbnb - new partnership with Airbnb for Work

August 7, 2018

Direct Entry of reimbursement requests

The Direct Entry reimbursement process has been successfully implemented. All faculty and staff who travel in the course of their work are now able to request travel-related reimbursements by entering trip expenses into the Travel and Entertainment (T&E) Reimbursement System.

Benefits include:

June 26, 2018

January 23, 2018

The Controller’s Office has rolled out a simplified travel reimbursement process that eliminates duplicate data entry by CSS, shortens processing time to payment and puts more control of the process in the hands of employee-travelers.

September 20, 2017

Meal and lodging policy updates
The UC Office of the President recently announced new policy changes, which include the two travel-related policies listed below. These changes will take effect Saturday, October 15th. As you plan travel beyond October 15th, please keep these new limits in mind.  

    June 29, 2017

    Faculty and Staff,

    Effective January 1, 2017, state law AB 1887 prohibited using state funds to pay for travel to a state that has passed a law discriminating based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.

    March 6, 2017

    January 3, 2017

    December 14, 2016

    Direct Bill Southwest "Wanna Get Away" fares, Global Entry, flights from Oakland to London, STA travel to Cuba, Find It feature

    Coming soon: Direct Bill Southwest “Wanna Get Away” fares with Southwest Airlines Direct Connect

    March 22, 2016

    Based on your feedback, we're clarifying the university's travel policies in order to standardize how we process travel reimbursements. Understanding what's expected will help ensure a quick and easy reimbursement experience.

    December 10, 2015

    November 4, 2015

    October 5, 2015

    CFO Rosemarie Rae shared T&E project metrics and feedback in a presentation to the management team in Letters and Science on September 16.


    • Customer satisfaction surveys = 36% rate the experience better than previous
    • Reduced bounce back tickets = 8 day to 6 day turnaround and reduced monthly tickets by 1,000
    • Travel website hits in just the 3 weeks since go-live = 2,326


    Campus travelers took full advantage of the second on-campus opportunity to apply for TSA Pre-Check enrollment. More than 575 participants attended the September 14-18th sessions, making the total attendance for the two events just over 900. Comments about the event included, “Great idea and initiative!” “Wonderful service and communications. Love it!” 

    The T&E Team thanks all who participated. We’d like to acknowledge the fantastic job done by AP/Travel Manager Dan Parnas and AP Analyst Donna Duncan, whose work made the event possible.

    June 4, 2015

    We invite UC Berkeley faculty, staff, students, and their families to an on-campus event to apply for enrollment in TSA Pre-Check. This program allows eligible travelers to take advantage of expedited security screening at over 150 participating airports.

    May 19, 2015

    As the Office of the CFO and Campus Shared Services continue efforts to improve the campus' experience with travel and entertainment (T&E), we're pleased to report you're experiencing quicker reimbursement processing and we're offering tips to help you prepare for summer business travel.

    April 24, 2015

    The Office of the CFO and Campus Shared Services continue efforts to improve the campus' processes for travel and entertainment (T&E). Our goal is to make your T&E experience easier so you can focus your time on more important work that supports UC Berkeley's mission.

    March 19, 2015

    Dear Faculty and Staff,

    In response to your feedback, the Office of the CFO and Campus Shared Services recently launched a project to improve the campus' processes for reimbursing travel and entertainment (T&E) expenses. The overarching goal of the project is simple: to make your T&E experience easier so you can focus on more important work that supports Berkeley's mission. With input from faculty focus groups and based on guidance from campus administrative officers, we're pleased to announce several policy clarifications related to our two key priorities: