T&E Project Information

Project Updates

July - December | 2017


  • Engaged with several units that volunteered to be early adopters.
  • Provided messaging template, instructions on how to get started, and individualized transition support.
  • Streamlined start-up approach to just a few hours of planning and a week of deployment from start to finish.
  • Identified rollout schedule for remaining departments by the end of the fiscal year.


  • Feedback from all users was overwhelming positive.
  • The time from submission to payment receipt could be achieved in three business days.

January - June | 2017


  • Pilot departments (CSS, IST, BAM/PFA) used the new system for all processing.
  • Captured and incorporated feedback; resolved programming bugs.
  • Identified change management approach for deployment across campus.
  • Updated the website with instructions on how to use the new process, training materials, and “how-to” videos.


Determined system and process ready for broader deployment directly to employee-travelers.

April - December | 2016


  • Met regularly with Travel Reimbursement system programmers to design and test iterations of functionality and ease of use.
  • Gathered feedback from identified pilot departments and key stakeholders, with emphasis on approval workflow, end-to-end transaction posting, and notification capabilities.
  • Cleaned up abandoned records.


Implemented new screens and database coding during winter holiday curtailment.

January - March | 2016


  • Expanded the 'Frequently Asked Questions' section of the website.
  • Met with the Working Group for guidance and concurrence on addressing areas in policy that most frequently generate questions.
  • Met weekly with the Travel Reimbursement system programmers to design enhancements to support opening the system for direct entry of expense reports by employee-travelers.
  • Provided demonstrations of the proposed system enhancements to the Working Group and to Campus Shared Services.


Published clarifications to several policy areas that were challenged by common practice.

September - December | 2015


  • Coordinated second TSA PreCheck enrollment event with 600+ attendees.
  • Produced informational videos on the benefits of Connexxus and using a Direct Bill ID to pay for airfare.
  • Developed strategy to eliminate duplicate data entry of reimbursement requests - target implementation in spring 2016.


Published instructions for travelers to track their own reimbursement request.

July - August | 2015


  • Organized a TSA PreCheck enrollment event in July and over 300 campus travelers and their family members participated. Due to popular demand, we scheduled a second event with double capacity for mid-September.
  • Developed website, including early adoption of a new Open Berkeley template.


Launched a new travel website (travel.berkeley.edu).

April - June | 2015


  • Conducted targeted analysis of several scenarios where practice challenged policy.
  • Rolled out a satisfaction survey to travelers with approved reimbursements to capture their feedback about the experience.
  • Staff and student volunteers tested multiple booking and reimbursement scenarios. The results helped shape the new website by clarifying information travelers need to know when booking a trip or requesting reimbursement.
  • Held interviews with several stakeholders to better understand the concerns and needs of travelers and developed an impact map to inform effective project direction.
  • Developed a site map for new web pages geared to travelers, using site analytics and user feedback.
  • Campus Shared Services formed and trained teams dedicated to handling only travel and entertainment transactions.
  • Gathered feedback from the travel community which confirmed we were making the right improvements in the reimbursement experience.


Created a consistent messaging system to release monthly news to a broad audience from the campus travel community.

January - March | 2015


Formed the project team.

  • Identified resources and priorities for launch.
  • Recruited team members from across campus.
  • Identifed scope of the project.
  • Set goals and success criteria.

Created working groups and met regularly to:

  • Define and obtain baseline metrics.
  • Review roles and responsibilities in current and ideal process.
  • Examine options for streamlining the reimbursement process.
  • Simplify and clarify policies, guidelines, and operating rules.
  • Assess options for enhancing existing systems/technology.
  • Create a change management strategy and communication plan.


Campus Shared Services and Central Accounts Payable offices gathered one month of data to get a baseline of the quality of information provided on reimbursement requests and the turn-around time from submission to payment. This data helped to inform pain points and opportunities.

Organized a TSA PreCheck enrollment event in July and over 300 campus travelers and their family members participated . Due to popular demand, we scheduled a second event with double capacity for mid-September.


Project Sponsors

  • Rosemarie Rae, Associate Vice Chancellor & Chief Financial Officer 
  • Peggy Huston, Chief Operating Officer of Campus Shared Services
  • Delphine Regalia, Assistant Vice Chancellor & Controller

Project Team

  • Tracy Okamura, Project Manager (Phase 1)
  • Joyce Sturm, Subject Matter Expert and Project Manager (Phase 2)
  • Dan Parnas, Subject Matter Expert
  • Jean Bednarz, Change Management, Communications and Training
  • Heidi Van Yang, Change Management and Communications
  • Rob Cannon, Website Development

Project Team Working Group

  • Suresh Bhat, Chief Financial Officer, Haas School of Business
  • Shivani Bhatia, Financial Manager, Business and Financial Services, Campus Shared Services
  • Lynn Geske-Morgan, Project/Policy Analyst, EVC&P Office
  • Heidi Hoffman, Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration, College of Letters and Science
  • Cathy Jen, Executive Director, ERSO/Campus Shared Services
  • Sandi Ketchpel, Assistant Dean of Administration and Operations, School of Public Policy
  • Barbara Lane, Assistant Dean for Administration, College of Natural Resources
  • Eric Leal, Assistant Dean, Administration and Finance, School of Optometry
  • Amy Robinson, Budget Officer, College of Letters and Science
  • David Secor, Chief Financial Officer, Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Suzanne Sutton, Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration, College of Chemistry
  • Heidi Wagner, Assistant Dean for Administration, School of Social Welfare
  • Jim Wogan, Director, Business and Financial Services, Campus Shared Services
  • Elise Woods, Library Chief Financial Officer, The Library


Project Goals

  • Streamline the process for travelers to request and receive reimbursement
  • Implement sensible policies and practices
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities related to travel booking and reimbursement
  • Provide consistent and useful traveler oriented information