Book a Flight

ConnexUC provides several options for making travel arrangements. You can:

  • Book online through a travel agency or Southwest SWABIZ
  • Work directly with a travel agent over the telephone
  • Use your favorite search engine (i.e., Kayak, Hipmunk, etc.) and still get UC’s preferential pricing
  • Pay with your personal credit card or charge airfare directly to the university with a Direct Bill ID number

If you’re mixing personal and business travel, you can’t directly charge the cost of your flight to the university but you can still book through ConnexUC to get the best rates.

If you prefer to use an industry search engine (i.e., Expedia, Kayak, Hipmunk) or an airline site (i.e., and still benefit from UC’s contract pricing, try using ‘Find It’ through the Short’s Travel agency to search for and book a flight.

How to Charge Your Airfare to the University

If your trip is only for business, you can charge the airfare directly to the university by setting up a Direct Bill ID (DBID). The cost of your plane ticket is the only expense you can charge directly to the university. When asked by BCD Travel or the UC Travel Center, either online or when speaking with an agent, what form of payment you are using, simply give them the DBID number you created for this trip. If you pay out of pocket, you will be reimbursed after the trip is over.

To set up a Direct Bill ID
  • Access to the Direct Bill Travel site is restricted to staff and faculty in selected job titles
  • When you create a DBID, you will need to provide a valid chartstring for the expense, the traveler’s name, the travel destination and the anticipated travel dates.
  • If your department or funding source requires pre-approval, you should obtain that authorization prior to creating a DBID.
  • To use the DBID, you must purchase airfare through one of the university’s two contracted ConnexUC travel agencies, BCD Travel or UC Travel Center.
  • You can only use a DBID once. You will need to create a new one for each airfare purchase.
  • See FAQ

Use the 'Find It' Plug In

When booking airfare or hotels using a website other than Connexxus, try using the 'Find It' tool provided by Short's Travel (a UC contracted agency) to search, book, and save money using websites you’re already familiar with like Kayak, Expedia, United, etc. The 'Find It' plug-in is easy to set up and use:

1. Download the 'Find It' plug-in for Chrome or Firefox:

For Chrome:
Open Chrome, then copy and paste this URL link into your Chrome browser and click on the button that says “Add to Chrome.”

For Firefox:
Open Firefox, then copy and paste this URL link into your Firefox browser and click on the button that says “Add to Firefox.”

2. Search flights or hotels on your favorite site and identify the itinerary of your choice.
3. Once you’ve selected an itinerary (and before booking), the 'Find It' window will automatically appear and ask you to provide your UC email address.
4. After about 5 minutes, you’ll receive an email from 'Find It' with the itinerary you selected showing any available UC discounts applied, as well as cheaper alternative itineraries.
5. If you see the right itinerary at the right price in the email, click on the lower fare and it will take you to the Short’s Travel Find It page where you can purchase the tickets or reservations using your personal credit card. If you are booking a domestic flight, you will automatically be enrolled in UC travel insurance coverage for the trip.

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