How to Get Reimbursed

Reimbursement ProcessHow to Get ReimbursedDocumentation and Receipts

Travelers on university business typically pay for some of the expenses out of their own pocket and seek reimbursement after the trip is over.

It’s a good idea to keep detailed records of what you spend money on and obtain a receipt whenever possible.

Within 45 days after returning home, you must file an expense report to document the business purpose of the trip and the full amount of the cost. The expense report often includes a request for reimbursement.

The current reimbursement process for most campus travelers is supported by Campus Shared Services (CSS). Check out the Reimbursement Process Summary (PDF) to get an overview of the steps included in reporting your expenses. The Documentation and Receipts page will give you more information about what documentation you’ll need to submit.

The learning resource linked below describes how to submit your trip details to CSS.

Keep in mind that if you don’t receive your reimbursement funds within 10 business days, it’s time to follow-up. Employees can track the status of a reimbursement request directly in the system.

Instructions on submitting requests for reimbursement

Read step-by-step instructions for filling out T&E reimbursement forms.

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Travel Forms Report Prepared by Traveler 
Direct Enter

Direct Enter - Learn more about the direct enter process.

How-To Guide - Step-by-step instructions.

Reimbursement System - Launch system to enter and submit an expense report.


BearBuy Report Prepared by CSS

Travel Forms - Used to provide trip information to report preparer. This link goes directly to the Campus Shared Services website.

BearBuy - Launch BearBuy to prepare a CSS Non-Purchase Request form for travel and entertainment expense reimbursements.

 Department Specific Instructions

ERSO / CSS Team 2: Reimbursement Process 

Intercollegiate Athletics - Contact the IA Business Office

The Library

Reimbursement Tips

  • You still need to submit the travel reimbursement form to report the trip expenses, even if no money is due to you (costs were paid by direct bill, travel advance, or third-party)
  • Giving details to tell the story of how you spent the money will reduce the need for follow-up questions
  • Receipts are needed for airfare, car rental, conference registration and domestic lodging, regardless of amount
  • You don’t need to submit receipts for meals and miscellaneous under $75
  • You can now track the status of your travel reimbursement request