How to Track the Status of a Travel Reimbursement Request

The process for submitting a travel expense report and request for reimbursement involves multiple steps and handoffs. While processes may vary slightly between campus departments, at a high level, those reimbursement steps are:

  1. After the trip – collect documentation (receipts, itinerary)
  2. Employees submit an expense report in the travel reimbursement system. Guests and students contact the sponsoring department for assistance.
  3. Scan all records and backup documentation into a pdf and submit
  4. Travel transaction preparers and approvers review the information and process the request in the travel reimbursement system (TRV, for short).
  5. Traveler receives reimbursement payment, typically within 10 business days

Many travelers have requested greater visibility into what happens at step 5.

The TRV system is available for employee-travelers to track the status of their reimbursement requests once it has been entered into TRV.

Go to; login with CalNet; select Track Your Travel Reports.

A grid will display your Travel Expense Reports that have been entered in the system.  The most recent report will be listed first.

Click Track: To view a summary of the report and to track the status of the reimbursement request

Click View: To view details on the travel expense report (the bar-coded page)