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The university has contracts with several major airline, hotel and car rental companies to provide discounts and other benefits to travelers.  Use the UC travel web portal (Connexxus) or the UC travel agencies (BCD Travel, UC Travel Center, or Short’s Travel) to take advantage of these programs.

Before the trip, you'll typically plan for transportation, lodging and working out the details of what you’re going to do once you get there. After the trip, you’ll have to report the expenses and file a reimbursement request for any expenses paid out-of-pocket. The better prepared you are for each step… before, during, and after…the better your travel experience will be.

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Launch Connexxus Travel Portal to book air, hotel, and car reservations

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Launch Direct Bill ID System to charge business-related airfare directly to the university

Note: These systems are restricted to faculty and staff of UC Berkeley. For more information, please see Systems Access Requirements.

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